Monthly Archive: February 2006

Feb 16

Protected: I’m all verklempt

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Feb 14

The world may be coming to an end

Yes, this is me at a sporting event. On purpose, even.

By way of explanation, for anyone who is asking “Have the pod people gotten Gina at last?”, this was a networking event for Nortel. After the game we had dinner with Kay Yow and her coaching staff, which was the main reason I was interested in going. Despite my general antipathy towards sports, Kay’s an inspiration and I am really glad I had the opportunity to meet her. I was lucky, too, in that I got to sit next to one of the assistant coaches,Trina Trice-Hill, who has played all over the world in the WNBA. We had a fun conversation about living in France (in French! Boy am I rusty!)

Dinner, BTW, was at Porters, which was *really* good. I had a slow-roasted prime rib with a sauteed onion sauce and smushed potatoes and broiled asparagus. I’d also split some calamari with one of my tablemates and it was *amazing* — some sort of sweet-and-sour coating with sesame seeds that was so good I was willing to eat the “fingers” (normally I only eat the “rubber bands” as I don’t like to eat arms).

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Feb 07

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Seen in the parking lot of the hospital:

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