Jun 07

Plea for help


My baby brother’s wedding is at the end of June and I’ve been asked to put together some CD’s (1) for playing when the band is on break. Having asked them what sorts of things they were looking for (quiet-backygroundy-won’t-compete-with-the-band // songs the band couldn’t/wouldn’t play (like, heaven forbid, the Macarena, though I didn’t put that idea in their head!) // dance stuff, etc.), Jo (Drew’s afianced) sent me a list of some songs they’d like to hear.

I have some of them, but I’m completely stuck on some others, namely:

  • EltonJohn (esp. Don’t go breakin my heart… [with KiKi Di!!]) — I have some Elton John, but not that song
  • Leftover Salmon (Bend in the river).
  • Ac/Dc (you shook me all night long…)

Plud, any bluegrass (“Old and in the Way” was mentioned)

Can anyone help me with any of these? If you could, I would be *most* appreciated! You Send It should work, I think…

(1) Yes, I asked if there was an AuxIn for iPoddy goodness. They don’t think they have one, so I’m going with safe rather than sorry and making actual CDs.

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  1. ferociousbcycad

    I wish I had more bluegrass than I do. I’m pretty sure you already have “Age of Innocence” (on Frabjous, I think). I have a wikkid version of “Valley Road”, but tha’s not exactly wedding material. And then there’s this, which is always a hit. And tha’s about the best of what I’ve got.

    1. gina

      Excellent! Thanks Lar!

  2. Anonymous

    matrimonial music

    Cheesy but sweet love song: the one with “what did I do, what did I say, to turn your angel eyes my way…” line.

    If someone ever sang that for his bride at a reception, I would melt into tears.


    1. gina

      Re: matrimonial music

      It’s the Jeff Healy BAnd (who I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of ) — great suggestion, too — thanks!

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