Jun 12

Plea for music

In case anyone didn’t see the last post, I’m in dire need of these songs:

  • EltonJohn (esp. Don’t go breakin my heart… [with KiKi Di!!]) — I have some Elton John, but not that song
  • Leftover Salmon (Bend in the river).
  • Ac/Dc (you shook me all night long…)

to play at my brother’s wedding reception — anyone have them?


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  1. trillian42

    Leftover Salmon

    Courtesy of Limewire.

    1. a_nightengale

      I was just about to suggest Limewire but you beat me to it. :)

      1. trillian42

        I loooove Limewire. Got the entire P&P soundtrack a couple nights ago :)

  2. gina

    Thank you!!! Thank you!!!! Many mucho thank yous!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Gina..I may have bend in the river…Sheb

    1. gina

      trillian42 sent it to me — cool song! Thanks!

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