Monthly Archive: July 2006

Jul 05


Many thanks to editgirl who so kindly invited me over to hang out chez elle. Had a lovely time (and she makes a mean apple pie!) and some tings even exploded — YAH!!

Apple pie has been consumed in England since t...
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In other news, this was on the sign at my funny hardware store the other day:

Beetle trap
Ankle wrap
Cow manure

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Jul 04


Normally (for the past three years at any rate), I’m not here for the Fourth of July. This year I am (and Jeff’s not :-( as I’m taking him to the airport shortly for the annual Europe trip).

I am at a loss as to how to occupy myself… what fun Forth of July things are there these days?

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Jul 03

Recap of the last 15 minutes of the game

30 minutes ago: Wash puppy. Blow dry puppy. Puppy smells of lilacs.

Score: Gina 1 Puppy 0

15 minutes ago: Successfully install new mailbox when old screws were completely stripped. Capture puppy when she attemps to exit with me.

Score: Gina 2 Puppy 0

10 minutes ago: Go to take shower and step in fresh puppy poo on bathroom floor.

Score: Gina 2 Puppy 2

5 minutes ago: Get out of shower. Attempt to sit on stool to dry hair. Slip (as stool is still damp from drying puppy) and land squarely on bottom.

Score: Gina 2 Puppy 17

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