Monthly Archive: August 2006

Aug 17

This is Dallas’s fault

My celebrity lookalikes

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Aug 07

Return of the LiveJournal

I don’t know what it is about summer, but I seem to always “fall off the planet” as far as my online presence goes (goodness, that’s a pretentious thing to type).

No Europe trip this year for me (through Jeff made a quick run just to meet up with the rest of the group), since we went to my “baby brother”‘s wedding (which was *lovely*) and Maine for Jeff’s parents’ 50th (!) wedding anniversary.
(If you ever wondered who in my family I take after, check this out…)

There are also some new puppy pics (and we’re in Week 5 of Puppy Class!).

I have about two months’ worth of reading to catch up on LiveJournal-wise (and I probably should tackle the stack of bills on the counter too, huh…).

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