Aug 17

This is Dallas’s fault

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  1. badger

    Why blame JR Ewing for everything, after all this time?

    1. gina


      Would be interested to see your results for same!

      1. badger

        Charles Manson, Rasputin, Billy Corgan, Matisyahu. It’s not hard to predict :).

  2. fmi_agent

    fun. i got quentin tarantino. (brad pitt had a slightly higher percentage in their algorithm, but the QT photo was a more striking resemblance.)

  3. jhvilas

    Can you believe that Mr. Big looks like Toni Morrison?

  4. Anonymous

    lucky Jeff…

    …to be dating all of you rolled into one!


  5. compositeur

    Way off-topic, but…

    …thought you’d like to see this! I’m really enjoying the book. =)

    1. gina

      Re: Way off-topic, but…

      Oh wow — I’m so glad you’re liking it. Williams was a *very* good (if very difficult, for a girl who had _zero_ music therory) prof.

  6. jhvilas

    Hello — Happy Birthday from Mr. Big! You’d like my hair these days: it’s huge. ;)

    1. gina

      Thank you!

      Thank you Mr. Big! (I referred to you in a conversation with another friend the other day… she was confused. I forget that not everyone has buddies named “Mr. Big” ;-)

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