Feb 28

Tired of the BREAKING!

Ignoring all major unhappinesses entirely, within the past week I’ve dealt with:

  • a broken car (now returned, thankfully. iPod hookup still kaflooey though)
  • a broken laptop (wine + laptop = bad juju. also, thankfully, now working. yah for quick thinking and a spray bottle of water!)
  • a burnt-out lightbulb (still burnt out…waaaaaaaaay too high in bedroom ceiling to reach. approach TBD)
  • a broken puppy-treat canister (1 gallon size, almost full. yah Dyson hand vac and puppy not knowing how to get off couch)
  • a broken stereo component (still officially broken, but I’ve figured out a workaround)
  • (ETA) Did I mention the puppy chewed my *good*, new shoes? (not her fault, as she just thought she’d found a chewey, but still…)

Notice to Universe: Enough with the Entropy Already.

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  1. jklgoduke

    I meant to toss some virtual hugs your way after your last post – was thinking about you today, even. *Hugs*!! Hope the gremlins go away and leave your stuff alone!

    Would you be available to do lunch sometime?

    1. gina

      I’d love that — what about next Tuesday or Friday? (Or Mon/Tue of the week following?)

      thanks for the hugs!

  2. thebroomecloset

    a burnt-out lightbulb (still burnt out…waaaaaaaaay too high in bedroom ceiling to reach. approach TBD)

    We’ve got a long extend-a-pole with various lightbulb changing attachments. (You’ve seen our house. We needed this.) I’d be happy to bring it by and help counter a small amount of your entropy.

    And speaking of coming by … do you have plans Friday evening?


    1. gina


      Tried to post earlier, was in class all day (Sharepoint — eek!) and PDA was not being as online friendly as I wish.

      Can’t this Friday — you know me — *hate* being alone on weekends under the best of circumstances, so I’m booking as much as possible. What about either Friday 16th or Sat. 10th?

      Thanks for offer of bulb-changing technology — I’ll take you up on that! (It can wait ’till we see each other; thankfully I am of the Many Lights [not thousand points of] type).

  3. monztre

    Your pom *actually* chews things up?.. I can’t get my Audrey to even *look* at her bone. :-)

    -I’m just a local friendly neighborhood Penguinmint..

    1. gina

      ROTFLOL. If it were only bones I’d be happy!

      She is a monster chewer — can take down a Greenie in seconds! And then there are the nice leather shoes…sigh.

      How old is Audrey?

      1. monztre

        My responses must not be getting through on the site, I did receive your response and responded in kind, and resent it too!

        Audrey hepdog is 3!


        1. gina

          I think the site must hate me!

          Audrey’s a doll — how many lbs.? She looks like she’s about the same size as India.

          So, given that you found my site, you can prolly figure out my realy email addy, eh?


          1. monztre

            One would hope I am that resourceful

          2. gina

            ROTFLOL. Yes, indeed, one would hope ;-)

          3. monztre

            I am at xiloa on 9th st right now, ever been?

          4. gina

            No, I haven’t — friend of mine reviewed it recently on his blog and said it was delicious, tho.

          5. monztre

            Food is explensivid!

          6. gina

            But good, yes?

          7. monztre


            So yes!

          8. gina

            OK — that makes (oddly) sense!

        2. gina

          “I did receive your response and responded in kind, and resent it too!”

          Upon re-reading that parsed as “resent it too” in the “angry about it” sort of way… :-)

          1. monztre

            “frustrated about it” at best.. but only with the technology… I emailed you directly everything I sent using that beastly site.. ;-)

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