Monthly Archive: April 2007

Apr 23

My Secret (yet posted to all the world) Shame

I love Dancing With the Stars. So sue me. I love ballroom dancing. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

I also love the fact that Joey Fatone just danced to the song “Respect” by Erasure the week after the judges said he wasn’t manly enough!

I also respect the heck out of the vocalist who sang Respect on the show — wow! That’s a *range*!

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Apr 22

Bad Ideas

Do *not* buy any “mint” flavored toothpaste if the illustration on the box shows the paste as being orange (even if it claims to be “Extreme Mint”).  You will regret it.

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Apr 19

Soooo tired I can barely type (not that that was my strength in the first place), but…

Charl & I went to the Flaming Lips show, and it was so *EXCELLENT*.  As a super-double bonus, I also ran into sylvia_wrath, Jason0x21, badger and jay.  Also present were Heisenberg Sean (so designated because I’m not sure he exists outside of Friday lunch at the Park Diner), Mur and Jim.

If I could somehow get a job that involved confetti, I think that would make me happy.

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Apr 16

Check out what my baby bro does for fun

I don’t know what this is called (other than “trail riding”), but get a load of these pics of my little brother driving his Jeep over enormous crevasses and rocks and things.

(Yes, I asked him about the environmental aspect…apparently there are fees assessed and environmental remediation done. Huge fines for going off-trail etc., and all trails are created in concert with someone who does environmental analysis, etc.  From what he says, the place in the Moab where they do this is actually better off, environmentally speaking, then other parts!)

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Apr 12

Foot in Mouth, subtitled:  Karma, again

I’ve said a few things as an adult that I really, truly regret.  Inevitably (and unfortunately, and probably also predictably), I say them in front of enormous groups of people.

I did it again tonight.

I was at a neighborhood watch/safety meeting and asking the policeman there if he’d heard anything about a crime that had happened.  In order to explain what I meant I described the crime locale:  That first driveway (good so far), when you turn off Carpenter Fletcher (still good), right down by where the ramshackle (oh dear) house is (Alert! Alert!  Close Mouth Now!).

I was *not* talking about the house *on* Carpenter Fletcher *next* to the driveway, but a shack (that really is a shack) *on* the driveway in question, which is part of a property my doctor owns on which she is building her new office.  All the same, it sure did sound like I was saying one of my neighbors lived in a shack.  All because I couldn’t just “get while the getting was good” and had to continue on with the dramatic (but not well thought out) description.

So, just now I tripped over the baby gate at the entrance to the Puppy Palace and stubbed my baby toe so well that it’s now bleeding.  Poor coordination or karmic retribution?

Perhaps at some point (should I feel the need for further embarrassment) I will add the one I pulled a few years back

Or maybe not.  This may have been enough to persuade me to keep my mouth shut.

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Apr 11

Update, as promised

I did end up fixing my iPod hookup and I’m pleased as punch.  Once I got all the correct bitzen it wasn’t even all that hard (getting apart the dash was the worst of it).  iPod is happy.  I am happy about the iPod.  Hooray!

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Apr 02

Bluegrass is My Second Language

I’ve just finished reading “Bluegrass is My Second Language: A Year in the Life of an Accidental Bluegrass Musician,” a new book by my friend John Santa (he who hosts the music jams that I sing at sometimes).

I’m in it!  In two places, actually!  Here’s my entry in the Glossary:

Gina Norman A singer and one of the RDU Session Players.  Part of the backup group “The All Day Sucker Singers” for the way she and Meghan Day sucked on lollipops all day long at the April first RDU/Bluegrass Gathering.  Turned their tongues bright purple and red.  It was disgusting.  (And funny as hell).

The book’s a great read, and I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone who enjoys humor or likes bluegrass or has a deep appreciation for things Southern.  I’d link to it, but as near as I can tell, it’s not available online yet (though I know you can get it at Harry’s Guitar Shop in Raleigh.  Harry’s in the book too  ;-)

Photoshop is still scorning me though.

ETA:  link to book site!

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Apr 01

Calling all geeks

Ok, I’m at my wit’s end. I have spent the better part of several months now trying to figure out an install problem. I have a legit (Dad gave me for Christmas) copy of Photoshop and it won’t finish the install process. I’ve tried manually uninstalling (including touching the dreaded RegEdit), installing from the hard drive, installing as a new user, etc.

I think the problem is that Jeff upgraded a lot of my hardware over the holidays and something has gotten messed up in the system. I *think* I need to do a Repair Install (and I even have an OEM XP disc that I borrowed from a friend), but “Repair Install” isn’t an option on the disc. (Even if it were I think I’d be leery of trying it myself, ’cause I know my machine is oddly configured [something about the boot drive being different, maybe?] and I’d be afraid it wouldn’t work again.

Help. I am officially stuck (and, yes, it’s pissing me off). I’ll buy you dinner, take you to a movie, (heck, I’ll even COOK you dinner) if you can help me figure this out.


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