Apr 01

Calling all geeks

Ok, I’m at my wit’s end. I have spent the better part of several months now trying to figure out an install problem. I have a legit (Dad gave me for Christmas) copy of Photoshop and it won’t finish the install process. I’ve tried manually uninstalling (including touching the dreaded RegEdit), installing from the hard drive, installing as a new user, etc.

I think the problem is that Jeff upgraded a lot of my hardware over the holidays and something has gotten messed up in the system. I *think* I need to do a Repair Install (and I even have an OEM XP disc that I borrowed from a friend), but “Repair Install” isn’t an option on the disc. (Even if it were I think I’d be leery of trying it myself, ’cause I know my machine is oddly configured [something about the boot drive being different, maybe?] and I’d be afraid it wouldn’t work again.

Help. I am officially stuck (and, yes, it’s pissing me off). I’ll buy you dinner, take you to a movie, (heck, I’ll even COOK you dinner) if you can help me figure this out.


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  1. jhvilas

    If I knew jack about PCs, I’d be happy to help. But I probably can’t flail at it any better than the average Joe. :( Sorry.

  2. ovrclokd

    call adobe tech support. if it’s a legit copy, they should cover you for installation support…

    1. gina

      I have — been on the phone with them for hours and hours. Twice with Jeff, where it was clear he knew way more than they (was talking to them about some file? process? thing? where he could see every process? thing? that was called and could see exactly where it was hanging).

      They think it’s my machine (which it undoubtedly is) and that I need to do a Windows reinstall, which I might. But of which I have Great Fear.

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