Apr 02

Bluegrass is My Second Language

I’ve just finished reading “Bluegrass is My Second Language: A Year in the Life of an Accidental Bluegrass Musician,” a new book by my friend John Santa (he who hosts the music jams that I sing at sometimes).

I’m in it!  In two places, actually!  Here’s my entry in the Glossary:

Gina Norman A singer and one of the RDU Session Players.  Part of the backup group “The All Day Sucker Singers” for the way she and Meghan Day sucked on lollipops all day long at the April first RDU/Bluegrass Gathering.  Turned their tongues bright purple and red.  It was disgusting.  (And funny as hell).

The book’s a great read, and I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone who enjoys humor or likes bluegrass or has a deep appreciation for things Southern.  I’d link to it, but as near as I can tell, it’s not available online yet (though I know you can get it at Harry’s Guitar Shop in Raleigh.  Harry’s in the book too  ;-)

Photoshop is still scorning me though.

ETA:  link to book site!

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  1. fmi_agent

    Yay! The only thing missing from that glossary entry is “(pron. Jenna)”.

    1. gina

      ROTFLOL! Thank you, I’ll tell John! :)

  2. Anonymous

    Bluegrass Is My Second Language is available online at http://www.bluegrassbook.com

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