Apr 19

Soooo tired I can barely type (not that that was my strength in the first place), but…

Charl & I went to the Flaming Lips show, and it was so *EXCELLENT*.  As a super-double bonus, I also ran into sylvia_wrath, Jason0x21, badger and jay.  Also present were Heisenberg Sean (so designated because I’m not sure he exists outside of Friday lunch at the Park Diner), Mur and Jim.

If I could somehow get a job that involved confetti, I think that would make me happy.

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  1. thebroomecloset

    Sounds fantastic. I had thought at one point about going to that show. Kinda wish I had.

    1. Anonymous

      Flaming Lips

      I had a great time, Gina!


  2. spkorb

    I do exist! I do I do I do! :)

    Victoria is convinced that my sister does not exist at all since I talk about her,she lives 4 blocks away from me, and yet, I have never produced her.

    What a fantabulous concert!

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