Apr 23

My Secret (yet posted to all the world) Shame

I love Dancing With the Stars. So sue me. I love ballroom dancing. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

I also love the fact that Joey Fatone just danced to the song “Respect” by Erasure the week after the judges said he wasn’t manly enough!

I also respect the heck out of the vocalist who sang Respect on the show — wow! That’s a *range*!

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  1. editgirl

    I wish I could watch it! I am (1) too busy and (2) it conflicts with something else we watch.

    Feel no shame! I got hooked on the first season of “Temptation Island” way back when, now THAT was trashy. And I’m currently hooked on “Charm School” which is even worse, I think.

    1. gina

      Thank you — I feel better now.

      (PS: Feel the DVR love — you can “tape” two things at once!!)

      1. editgirl

        Ah, but Series 1 TiVo can only do one show at a time.

        We expect to upgrade to series 3 soon!

  2. psycho_peanut

    I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars so I’m bummed out I missed a song by Erasure. Boo.

    1. gina

      Sadly it wasn’t Erasure performing it, so it wasn’t a complete loss!

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