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May 31

More sad

One of my friends (John, who pulls together the music jams I sing with sometimes) just lost a pup to cancer.  It’s strange to me because I’ve never “attached” myself to dogs before.  I couldn’t have one, so there was no point in wanting one and so I just mentally distanced myself from the whole species.  Now that I’ve got India, I’ve found my whole puppy universe has blossomed and I pretty much love all dogs.  There are dogs that are more “my type”, for sure, but I’ll be darned if I won’t sit around and watch dog shows these days.

So the news about Minor hit me hard.  He’d always been John’s-dog-who-made-me-sneeze, but somehow in the last year I’ve grown to appreciate what an amazing bond he and John had and what a generous spirit Minor had (allowed all these *strangers* to come in his house every month and make a ruckus!).  His passing was not unexpected, but I don’t think it makes it any easier.

My heart goes out to John, who has lost two dear pup friends in the space of a few short months.

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May 31

Questions Meme, by the kindness of Jerry

Jerry posted this interview meme, which seemed fun (and I knew Jerry’s questions would be marvvy), so here are Jerry’s questions and my answers.

1: Do you know where you’re going to?
After much consideration, I don’t really think I’m going anywhere:  the truth is that I like it here (RTP-ish area) too much (1).  I used to think I “should” live somewhere else for a while (like I “should” eat more brussels sprouts (2)), but I’ve never found a compelling reason (in either case, actually) to do so (3).  I have traveled all over (admittedly mostly Western Europe and the states), and love visiting new places (anyone want to go to Japan?), but it seems the equations always balance in favor of “here”. (4)

I feel fortunate that my childhood home has grown in ways that are compatible with my growth… we now have many varieties of unusual food, somewhere I can get dried persimmons and places that carry Urban Decay makeup.  By contrast, when I was 10ish, there were only a few Chinese restaurants in all of Raleigh! (5)

2: Do you believe in magic?
I believe that the “edges” of science are fundamentally indistinguishable from the beginnings of faith or the appearance of magic (6).  I think that there are multiple (valid) ways of viewing the universe… as I said to someone the other day “The only thing I that I’m OK being closed-minded about is being open-minded.”  (FWIW, for me the answer to the often-rat-holed debate of “if you’re open-minded, do you have to think it’s ok for people to be closed-minded?” is “people can be as close-minded as they want, as long as they’re not hurting anyone else.”)

I also like Penn & Teller (for some reason I really need to introduce some levity into an otherwise perfectly plodding and pedantic answer.  Go figure.  ;-)

3: Do you believe in love?
See above regarding magic and science  ;-)

No, really, I do believe in love, but much like Phil pointed out, I believe “love” is a verb, not a noun.  Love is a choice you make (or, more accurately, it’s a million large and small choices) over the course of time.  I also believe that to a large degree we choose how we see the world, and by choosing to see the “good bits” of people we love, we make it easier to continue to love them.

4: What’s going on?
I am wishing I didn’t have a 100-page requirements document to read.  I am trying to ignore the puppy (who reaches her “witching hour” every day around 4:30 when all-of-a-sudden she NEEDS ATTENTION NOW).  I am frustrated by the 3 GB of photos I’ve taken recently and my inability to get Photoshop working on my computer.  Wow, that’s a bunch of negative stuff.

Try again:  I am looking forward to dinner tomorrow with a dear friend whom I haven’t seen in years.  I am within a few weeks (crossing fingers) of launching a major project.  I have butternut squash soup to have for dinner.

That’s better.

5: Why are there so many songs about rainbows?
I think it’s the Gay Conspiracy.

If I’m correct, and it is the Gay Conspiracy, we should be soon witness the death of the “Kountry-with-a-K” style of decorating(7)HOORAY!.

If you want to play along and now be interviewed by me, please leave me a comment saying: “Interview me.”

  • I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
  • You will update your weblog with the answers to the questions.
  • You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
  • Then others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions…
  • And they tell two friends
  • And so on
  • And so on

1 This doesn’t preclude moving, but I’d have to have a darn good reason.  Like “wuv.  twue wuv
2 I really don’t understand them.  They’re frightening baby mutant cabbages.  And they smell HORRID when they’re cooking.  How could someone smell that and think “hm… those could be food!”
3 In their defense, I have eaten Brussels sprouts only a few times (they *look* weird and *smell* funny!) and one of those times I liked them (thank you, Paul).
4 (for instance, though I love the Bay area, it’s way too expensive for me to buy a house).
5 In the 5th grade Jennifer Chambers had her birthday party at one of those few Chinese restaurants, thereby allowing me enabling my first Chinese restaurant experience.  When they brought out the little mounds sticky rice in individual bowls I was quite confused about why we were getting ice cream so early in the meal (remember that my rice prior to that point was pretty much Uncle Ben’s.)
6.  I’m also pretty sure someone else has said this better than I.

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May 25

Protected: sad, and sad about it

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May 14

Perhaps a change is needed…

So I’ve gotten in the habit of telling India “No!” when she’s barking and she shouldn’t be (…though I do wish I had to tell her less often…working on that).

I set Roo to cleaning this afternoon, and just now returned to the bedroom to find him beeping at me (the “I’m full” beep).  So I took the dustbin out and started to empty it in the trash… Roo continued to beep (’cause now he had no dustbin) and I’ll be darned if I didn’t tell *my Roomba* “No!”.

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May 10

I am so very pleased with myself

I have conquered the technology in my house.  Bearing in mind that I no longer have in-house tech support (and, in fact, that the same tech support designed the system and that I didn’t really know what was involved), this is a Big Deal.

Email from said ex-tech support were involved in order to explain the system, but still I had to reset the puppycam, the wireless bridges, the main router, and the Audiotron.  Then I reconfigured the Audiotron to use a local source for its internet radio stations (nice tool provided online here to create the necessary file — many thanks to Jon00 in the UK), ran all the scripts to change permissions, copied over all the files and restarted everything.  Thanks to thebroomecloset for helping me test.

It all works!  Everything works!  And I took a fresh backup in case everything ceases working again!  Yah me!

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May 07

If you’re bored…

A few pics of India are entered into the local news channel’s pet photo contest.  There are three — feel free to shower her with “paws” (the voting icon).

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May 07

Note to self

If you are tired, tired, plum tuckered out (having, say, been to see a Gourds show) and in your loginess you accidentally turn on the spinny-headed toothbrush *before* applying toothpaste, do not think for one moment that “it’ll probably be OK to just go ahead and put the paste on before turning the brush off.”

You will regret it.

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May 01

License to use a light sabre?

Great license plate I saw last night:


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