May 07

Note to self

If you are tired, tired, plum tuckered out (having, say, been to see a Gourds show) and in your loginess you accidentally turn on the spinny-headed toothbrush *before* applying toothpaste, do not think for one moment that “it’ll probably be OK to just go ahead and put the paste on before turning the brush off.”

You will regret it.

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  1. jhvilas

    So perhaps you were off your gourd?

    1. gina

      Ow! Ow! :-)

  2. jason0x21

    Man, I wish I coulda been there for that!

    1. gina

      it was…messy

  3. jklgoduke


    1. gina

      It was one of those “this is a bad idea…nah, it’ll be OK” kind of stupids.

  4. curvyart

    hee hee hee – thanks ofr sharing the story. i got a GREAT visual!

    1. gina

      sigh. And I got a very speckled mirror!

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