May 14

Perhaps a change is needed…

So I’ve gotten in the habit of telling India “No!” when she’s barking and she shouldn’t be (…though I do wish I had to tell her less often…working on that).

I set Roo to cleaning this afternoon, and just now returned to the bedroom to find him beeping at me (the “I’m full” beep).  So I took the dustbin out and started to empty it in the trash… Roo continued to beep (’cause now he had no dustbin) and I’ll be darned if I didn’t tell *my Roomba* “No!”.

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  1. cspowers

    roombas are people too!


    1. gina

      Re: roombas are people too!

      Well, I did think of Roo as my first pet (and he does have eyes)…!

  2. jhvilas

    Be careful: Roomba might be a dangerous Nexus-6.

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