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Jun 28

Home again, home again

I’ve just gotten home from five days at DeBordieu with my roommate from high school, her husband, their two children, a good friend from high school, his wife (artykim), their two children, and another couple (who have also become friends) and their (single) child (1).

Kudos to all you parent-people.  They (the littles) are VERY energy consuming (and I think I might be a wee bit lazy).

The weather couldn’t have been nicer and I got more than my share of lounging-on-the-beach-time (without, for a change, getting completely lobsterfied).  Read two grown-up books, two People magazines, one O magazine and several children’s books (and think I’m going to buy the Lemony Snicket series for myself).  Frolicked in the ocean and in the pool (2).  Walked many miles on the beach.  Got a blister the size of a dime on the bottom of my foot (3).

Rode nine (!!) miles on a bike.  One of those was with a flat tire.  Yes, that wasn’t very bright, but honestly I didn’t know the thing’d gone flat.  The thinking went something like “Well, Gina, of course it’s getting harder to pedal. You just rode more than six miles, three of which were on a fire road/carriage path, on an old-skool, gearless (and somewhat rusty) bike.  You can do it!  Keep pedaling!”  Eventually, though, my pep talk failed and I climbed off, only to find that the rear tire was as flat as the proverbial pancake.

Whoops.  I suppose that would be the problem.  Mr. Nice Security Man came by just a minute or so afterwards, fortunately, and he was kind enough to load the bike in the back of his pickup truck and take me the last two blocks home.

Napped.  A lot.  Also was able to sleep significantly later than all the parental units (see above, re: Hard Work Involved In Child Raising).

We also ate far better than I’m accustomed to eating, as generally I eat whatever’s leftover from the last time I ate dinner out (which I also do far too often).  At the beach we had lasagna (veggie — and delicious!), baked chicken, panzanella, fresh vegetables, etc. etc.  Well balanced — and tasty — meals.

The strange thing (and the only part of this post that’s even a tiny bit profound) was the juxtaposition of remembering these sort of trips from my childhood — when I thought “Ah, someday that’ll be me” — and actually *being me* in one of these sort of trips.  A bunch of families at the beach with their kids…everyone playing in the ocean…and I’m one of the adults (chronologically speaking, anyway)!

(1) Whew.  For anyone counting that’s 5 children, all under the age of 7.  Though they all were pretty darn well-behaved, that’s still 5 children more than I’m used to dealing with for more than an hour or two at a time.

(2) I am part dolphin, I think.  I float beautifully (no comments from the peanut gallery, please).  I love swimming underwater and flipping over waves.

The sand and salt I like less well.  Basically I want a wave pool the size of the Atlantic.

(3) From *sand*!!  I know I say I’m a Delicate Southern Flower (from a ease-of-skin-damage POV at any rate), but this is ridiculous.

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Jun 12

Finally — I pull my weight

I’m pretty much deadweight in trivia (which I play most every Tuesday)… anything I know is usually science (and those questions are *stupid easy*!) or it’s pop culture (and it’s the sort that anyone our age knows) or it’s ..well, I guess those are the only ones I usually know.  I’m hopeless at history or geography or sports (except for the fact that I know Naismith invented basketball…that’s my lone sports-related trivia [Jerry, that was for you, as I believe you were at that game].  Trivium?)

Tonight the Trivia Gods smiled upon me!  The “picture round” was shoe types!!!  10 out of 10 for Gina! (For the whole team really, but I answered them all — normally I’m lucky if I get one per round).  I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilling it was to be able to *know* something for a change.

FYI, they were:

  1. Slingback sandal
  2. Thong
  3. Espadrille
  4. moccasins
  5. slingback pump
  6. hiking boots
  7. oxford
  8. chukka boots
  9. ballet flats
  10. t-strap

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Jun 11

What’s in a Name?

Or, more accurately, what’s your name in?

Last night, I experienced something for the first time that is probably “old hat” to almost everyone else…

In the movie Waitress (1), the main character’s name is “Jenna” — spelled incorrectly, but pronounced the same as mine.

Now, normally, if someone’s saying Jenna, they’re meaning me (2), so during the first thirty minutes of the movie every time another character said “Jenna, you really need to …” or “Hurry up now, Jenna” or “Jenna, where’s that pie?” (3) I did a little cartoon double-take (4).

For those of you with more popular names (Mike, John, Anne, Jennifer, etc.), do you still do this (the little double-take thing)?  Did you ever?  If you did once, but you don’t anymore, do you remember what movie/show/party/school classmade made you stop?

(1) Good movie.  Highly recommended.
(2) If they’re saying “Geena” they’re probably also meaning me, but they probably don’t know me all that well and I might ignore them.
(3) Which they did *a lot* in the movie.  Or maybe I was oversensitive?  Sanity check on that one?
(4) It probably didn’t help that the movie was set in the (unspecified) South, so they sounded like people I’d know too.

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Jun 10

Stories & truths

There are a lot of things that I say about myself that — in my head, over a long, long span of time — have become somewhat apocryphal.  The allergies thing was a good example of that … I’d spent so long telling people that I had atrocious allergies that I’d started to believe I was exaggerating.  Going back to the allergist and hearing him say that I really do have some of the worst allergies he’s seen reminded me that things I’ve said about my allergies were’t exaggerated for the point of good story-telling (not that I don’t do that too), but were, in fact, grounded in reality.  (Oh, the shock).

I had another one of those things happen last night.  I tell people I have a distinctive laugh (in fact, I think it’s been part of my personals ads), but again, over time I’d come to think of that as an overstatement … based on comments people had made, sure, but not necessarily “reality.”

There do exist some old recordings of shows (in very tiny venues) where there’s lots of back and forth banter and audience participation and whatnot and you *can* hear my laugh in those.  But in the past several years I’d written that off as bad data, in that the people who were telling me this were good friends who, of course, would recognize my laugh… I could recognize theirs in the same sessions, so no biggie, right?

One of those shows was by Tim Easton, perhaps my most favorite singer/songerwriter ever.  I had a chance to go see him last night (for the first time in three years, probably?), and I was surprised, amazed and pleased as punch when, post-show, Tim came out to talk to folks, spotted me, smiled and said:  “There you are!  I could hear you laugh and was so glad you were here!”

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Jun 06

Shows I want to see/am seeing

— holler if you’re interested in meeting up or going.

A list of shows I’d like to see or am going to see — holler if you’re interested in meeting up or going.

[ETA: Tim Easton
Sat. June 9]

Red Elvises
June 14

Classical Mystery Tour
June 16

June 20

[ETA: Southern Culture on the Skids
June 30]

CrownBEAT Drum & Bugle Corps competition**
West Johnston HS Stadium, Benson NC
June 21

Tres Chicas
July 3

Don Dixon & The Jump Rabbits
July 13

[ETA: John Santa (the fellow who wrote Bluegrass Is My Second Language)
July 14]

CarolinaCrown, Charlotte Drum & Bugle Corps competition
July 15

Claire Holley
July 20 (choice to be made there)

July 29th

John Prine
With Special Guest Patty Griffin
August 17th

Styx, Asia
Aug. 21

Michael McDonald
August 24th


Elvis Costello with the North Carolina Symphony**
September 13th

Rain (Beatles Multimedia thing)
Nov. 16

** means I’m definitely going/have tix

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Jun 04

Puppy agility trials

A few not-so-great (fast little buggers!) pictures of the Dog Agility Trials at Pet Behavior Help that I went to last Monday.

No picture of my enormous sunburn though — silly, silly girl!

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