Jul 05

A bit I’m proud of…

My family are photographers (verb agreement seems odd there, but…).  Both my Grandpa and my Dad (dtnorman) were (/are) amazing with a camera and I’ve always hoped that one day I’d be able to shoot at the level they did (/do).

It was, therefore, incredibly thrilling to me to be able to shoot an event, CrownBeat, with my Dad, as an actual “accomplice” team member.

CrownBeat is one of the major competitions of the the Carolina Crown Drum & Bugle Corps Competition — incredibly intense 14-18 year olds marching around in complex patterns while playing instruments (needless to say, as someone who has trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time, this is pretty amazing to me).

I have to say I’m actually proud of my pictures.  Here’s a few in particular I liked — mostly unretouched at this point, and watermarked, of course (click to embiggen)

(The whole shebang are at Dad’s Quality Impressions Photography site, here.

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  1. darthsunshine

    I’m no professional photographer myself, of course, but I think these shots are really cool! I especially like way you’ve captured light in the top left one, and in the very center one.

    Yay! :)

    1. gina

      Thank you! It was a great deal of fun — going to do another show with Dad on 7/15!

  2. Anonymous

    Good Stuff

    These are definitely the best shots. Love the detail shots especially.

  3. idiomsavant

    tag, you’re it

    Hey… I’m tagging you with a meme that you’ve probably done before. See my blog for details.

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