Jul 05

Is it bad that I use my puppy as a portable wet vac?

I just lifted the pup off the floor so she could lick up a little milk I spilled on the arm of my desk chair at home.  Is that a bad thing…?

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  1. editgirl

    Not a bad thing at all. We use the cats for the same thing!

    It’s all about proper deployment of resources.

    1. gina

      ROTFLOL. Ok good, it’s not just me!

  2. darthsunshine

    I thought that was part of the reason to have an inside pet! :D

    When I was growing up, all our pets were outside-only, but even then when we’d spill a glass of milk or something, Mom would grab one of the cats–usually a pregnant one if there was one*–and bring her inside just long enough to clean it up.

    *And there pretty much always was one, because my folks either didn’t believe in or couldn’t afford spaying animals. (I’m still not sure which it was, or whether it was both. I know they finally did spay the last dog they got, but that could be because they’ve mellowed a lot over the years, or it could be because they’re no longer paying for a houseful of kids anymore.)

    1. gina

      They brought outdoor pets in to Hoover? That’s even better!

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