Jul 31

new word

hilariscary (adj.): funny and frightening

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  1. gregdek

    Used in a sentence:

    I just discovered that my old friend Gina is hanging out with my friend and co-worker Adrian, which I find to be truly hilariscary.

    See you at BarCamp tomorrow. ;-)

    1. gina

      Re: Used in a sentence:

      Wow. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? :-)

      You going to the geek camp dinner tonight?

      Good use of the vocabulary!

      1. gregdek

        Re: Used in a sentence:

        Nah, having dinner at Jujube with wife and friends. Not really much for the Big Evening Mixer events, to be honest. But I’m sure we’ll catch up tomorrow. It’ll be good to see you again.

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