Monthly Archive: August 2007

Aug 22

Recap Tuesday

  • The Good: Got to see my friend Buzzy
  • The Bad: Styx, Foreigner, Def Leppard show was cancelled due to nasty, nasty weather
  • The Worse: They cancelled it *after* I had walked through the Creek part of Walnut Creek amphitheater (ok, it was actually the parking lot, but it netted out to be the same) in my little black suede (now soggy) tennis shoes.
  • The Ehn: Saw Rush Hour III in lieu of the show.  Not bad.  Not enough funny Jackie Chan bits.  Outtakes were better than the rest of the movie.
  • The Funny: Seen on a license plate on an Infiniti on the way to the show:    an b ond

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Aug 14

Definition: The Clark Kent Effect

Who knew?!

Apparently, there’s already a definition of The Clark Kent Effect (when geeky characters remove their glasses in order to become tough/fight crime).

I suppose that’s as much proof as I’ll ever need that I have no original thoughts.

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Aug 10

DCI Semifinals

As I’ve mentioned, this summer I’ve been able to photograph two Drum Corps International competitions (in Benson and Charlotte), and as a result, I’ve gotten sort of attached to the cute little music geeks.

Last night I went to see the semi-finals, which were shown live in local movie theaters (North Hills, in Raleigh, in this case). I’m glad a bought my tickets early, because they’d sold out *two* theaters (at $19/ticket — these folks are *serious* fans!)!

The show, though long, was really fun to watch, particularly since every once in a while they’d show a particular kid, and I’d recognize him or her from pictures I’d taken. I have to admit, the sound was not as good as I’d hoped, but I suppose that’s a factor of (a) comparing it to being on the field next to the bands and (b) the difficulty of micing a 130-person moving target that has an incredible range of dynamics.

Huge thanks aklikins for accompanying me (and pretending to be a little interested)!

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Aug 07

mostly for my reference since I’m sure everyone else on the planet has seen it

LOLCAT translator


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