Aug 14

Definition: The Clark Kent Effect

Who knew?!

Apparently, there’s already a definition of The Clark Kent Effect (when geeky characters remove their glasses in order to become tough/fight crime).

I suppose that’s as much proof as I’ll ever need that I have no original thoughts.

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  1. badger

    Related variation: the martial arts movie schtick that the more clothing a character removes, has shredded, or ripped off during a fight, the tougher that character becomes.

    Strong use of the Clark Kent Effect in Mark Sheppard’s character in Battlestar Galactica (lawyer, the last four episodes of season 3).

  2. meep

    Also, if a geeky chick takes off her glasses, and gets her hair out of a bun, she becomes instantly sexy.

    1. gina

      Yep — the variation of this is when the geeky boy takes off his glasses and instantly becomes sexy (which, in my experience, actually works this way).

      1. meep

        And it’s worked for me, too.

        (Also, if I don’t take off my glasses, they are in danger of being damaged….or, at the very least, will have noseprints on them. That’s not cool.)

  3. aklikins

    What if they take off their glasses to commit a crime? Or at least, get stopped by the police?

    1. gina

      Clearly they can use their Jedi mind powers to turn the police away if they are stopped…

  4. Anonymous

    Why do you think…

    I take my glasses off to answer Trivia?

    1. gina

      Re: Why do you think…

      OMG! I shoulda known you’d have the Clark Kent Effect down! :-)

      Will miss you at trivia this week!


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