Monthly Archive: October 2007

Oct 23

A little disenchanted

I ate an apple for breakfast — healthy, environmentally friendly, etc.  Yah me! I am still a little disgruntled, though, because in my head apples are a “easy” food, requiring no extra cutlery nor plates nor cooking, whereas the reality is that they’re messy and sticky and you have to go immediately throw the core away because you can’t just put it down…like you could, say, an empty Pop Tart wrapper…

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Oct 17

A Fair is a Veritable Smorgasbord, Smorgasbord, Smorgasbord

Or so Templeton the Rat sang, and I’d have to agree. aklikins 1 and I went to the NC State Fair last night and I did pig out mightily. A corn dog, a fried potato-spiral thing (sometimes known as “butterfly chips”), and a fried dough (aka “elephant ear”, aka “big lump of fried covered in powdered sugar”) all made their happy way into my “bellah”

In the “to go” food category, two “monster bags” of cotton candy await me at home. Oh, and fudge. And candied almonds.

And then there was the Candy Castle, a “pick-your-candy-by-the-pound” place that sucked Adrian and me in, to the tune of 2 lbs. of Tootsie “Frooties” (which I’d never seen before), BB Bats, Laffy Taffy, Atomic Fireballs, etc. etc. 2

Ride-wise, we did the great big Ferris Wheel, the Zipper, the Fireball, the swings, the bumper cars and the (can’t remember the name of it, but it was like this).

The fireworks were *amazing* — the new “sparklies” are so very very pretty.

1 His first NC State Fair ever, despite having lived in Raleigh for more than a decade!
2 Yes, I know: sweet tooth, much?

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Oct 15

I am certified!

(and don’t think I don’t hear you in the peanut gallery!)

For the past two weekends I’ve been down in Oriental, NC1, getting my “Basic Keelboat Sailing Certification” at the Oriental School of Sailing.  Unlike driving, you don’t actually have to have a “license” to sail; however if you want to charter a boat they usually want to see some sort of proof that you have at least a vague idea of how to work a sailboat.

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Oct 12

concert love

aklikins and I went to see Porcupine Tree last night at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh — sort of new prog rock. The opener “3” was (to my ears) way too “stereotypical” aging skool heavy/artistic rockers.  IOW, they had long, thin and receding hair and there was much of that high-pitched, overwrought faux-english scream-singing style that I find incredibly ear-poking (and not in a good way).

Porcupine Tree, though, was great.  I had remembered that some of their stuff was really harmonically thick with a seriously groove beat (and those, like The Sound of Musik, I loved) and some of it was sort of Pink Floyd-y (Lips of Ashes) or old Genesis-y (can’t remember the name of the song that really made me think that).  I was not as familiar with some of the more “heavy” stuff, but mostly it was ok (not oh-my-heavens *wonderful* but still ok).

The funniest moment in the show, for me, was the line in the Porcupine Tree song Sleep Together:  “Burn my Prada trainers” … can a prog rock group know what Prada trainers are?  Is that allowed?  Seems like someone should come and revoke some of their prog-rock cred for that…

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Oct 04


11.5 oz of Flavored Tootsie Rolls
14.4 oz. of Strawberry Cotton Candy Flavored Candy Corn
14.4 oz. of Orange Mango Flavored Candy Corn
34 oz. of Jelly Bellies
4 oz. of “Unbearably Hot” Gummi Bears
22 oz. of Candy Corn
100 oz. of candy ~ 6.26 lbs. of candy… all of which sounds quite reasonable until you consider that none of this was bought for Halloween and/or children.

aklikins has a sweet tooth that’s just as bad as mine!

(We also bought two new board games… must have game night soon.  Maybe early November…anyone interested?)

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Oct 02

Puppy love

Does anyone know of someone who will either (a) come stay in my house while I’m away to take care of India or (b) board her in a non-caged setting (she can be baby-gated in a room, but her “Granny”, a.k.a. my mom, has put the kibosh on kenneling her in a standard kennel).  This does *not* have to be an official boarding service…someone who does it on the side would be great.

She’s “piddle pad” trained (though I would keep her on a tiled area if you’re away) and isn’t difficult, really.  Very affectionate little beastie, too.

The immediate need is from this Friday afternoon (10/5) to this Sunday (10/7) and the weekend after (10/12-10/14), but I also would like to know someone for future aways…

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Oct 01

This was fun

and mostly accurate, I think

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