Oct 02

Puppy love

Does anyone know of someone who will either (a) come stay in my house while I’m away to take care of India or (b) board her in a non-caged setting (she can be baby-gated in a room, but her “Granny”, a.k.a. my mom, has put the kibosh on kenneling her in a standard kennel).  This does *not* have to be an official boarding service…someone who does it on the side would be great.

She’s “piddle pad” trained (though I would keep her on a tiled area if you’re away) and isn’t difficult, really.  Very affectionate little beastie, too.

The immediate need is from this Friday afternoon (10/5) to this Sunday (10/7) and the weekend after (10/12-10/14), but I also would like to know someone for future aways…

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  1. shipofools999

    I would love to but 1) I can’t have dogs at my apt and 2) I am TOO fricking far away. I can’t even play with India. *pout*

    If you are ever on the west cost, you have someone that would love to doggy-sit for you. :)

    1. gina

      I know — I so wish CA were *closer*! I know she’d love to meet you too. Oh, BTW, new pics here: http://www.lintqueen.com/gallery/puppy?page=9

  2. trillian42

    You could check with Fetch!. I’d offer to do it but I’m already booked for this weekend and next.

    1. gina

      I think I have the neighbors lined up for puppy duty, but *thank you* for the idea…I have needed to investigate this for a while!

      (Mind if I keep you in mind tho?)

      1. trillian42

        Sure! If you’re within my range, I get a higher cut for a direct referral ;)

        1. gina

          I live right off 55 near where it crosses 54 (Penrith neighborhood).

          1. trillian42

            Oh, sure, I just got a puppy in that neighborhood. I see him for the first time tomorrow.

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