Oct 23

A little disenchanted

I ate an apple for breakfast — healthy, environmentally friendly, etc.  Yah me! I am still a little disgruntled, though, because in my head apples are a “easy” food, requiring no extra cutlery nor plates nor cooking, whereas the reality is that they’re messy and sticky and you have to go immediately throw the core away because you can’t just put it down…like you could, say, an empty Pop Tart wrapper…

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  1. degroof

    Ah, well, you just haven’t mastered the art of apple core balancing.

  2. wedreamofbaby

    Hey! It’s me, Paris! You’re pretttttttttttty! (Told you I’d do that!)

    It was so fun to meet you last night!


    1. gina

      It was a blast, Katrina — you guys were fabulous! I’d love to play games some time — email me when you have a free moment!

  3. Anonymous

    You could just eat the core, you know. That’s what I do. Not THAT much cyanide in apple seeds.


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