Dec 04

A pomeranian, post-bath

A silly video of India after her bath, doing the “snorgling” thing:

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  1. shipofools999

    Be careful around manure. I don’t know what it is with Poms but the ones we have had all did the same “snorgling” thing in it to cover the ruff under their chins. And they would come to us so proud of themselves and want us to pet them. Ick.

    Doing it while wet from a bath = Cute
    After playing around in manure = Ick

    1. gina

      Oh my! Thankfully, India doesn’t have easy access to poo, except her own, and she seems to show complete disdain for that (she’s a fussy one, just like I am…).

  2. ovrclokd

    too, too funny. and – how convenient, a pet that dries itself!

    1. gina

      Indeed, though as fuzzy as she is I still have to put her under the dryer after all that!

  3. editgirl


    Some proshness for your little India girl!!

    1. gina

      OMG! Or I could get her a mullet: http://www.trixieandpeanut.com/costumes/100140545.html

      (She’d never forgive me…she is prosh!)

      1. editgirl

        BWA ha ha ha ha ha! Yer right, she is wayyy too prosh for a mullet doggie wig.

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