Monthly Archive: January 2008

Jan 30

Random bits

OK, who had the genius idea of putting a major concert & sports venue on one of the two main roads into Raleigh?    I was stuck in Hurricanes (hockey) traffic for almost 40 minutes last night trying to get to trivia — yecch!

By the way, I will be in Toronto next week on business. Two business trips in three weeks, not having traveled for work in 5 years!  Big kudos to AmEx who overnighted me a card so I could actually book the trip within corporate guidelines!

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Jan 22

Quick update

I’m in Vegas for the Nortel sales conference… in a nutshell they had a contest for employees (writing/video) and (with the help of my producer (aklikins) I won!

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Jan 17

PSA: Check your wheels

Public Service Announcement:  Check Your Wheels!

No, not your *car* wheels, your ROLLERSKATE wheels!!    What do you mean, you haven’t rollerskated in 15 years?

Well, neither had I until last night.

And I was all shakey and flailing and windmilling my arms around and huffing and puffing and generally having a really rough go of it for the first two hours we ([info]aklikins and I) were at the rink.  I’d make it once around the track then have to pull over to the wall (blessed wall. happy wall.  nice, solid wall) to hang on for a while and pant.  Within the first 30 minutes I had to have a half a bottle of water *and* a half a bottle of Gatorade 1

Now, I know I’m not in the best of shapes.  And I know I’m a heck-of-a-lot older than I was the last time I did this.   Still, though, GEEEZ, it was *hard work*.  I must’ve told 20 people (as they were lapping me, of course) that this was a whole lot harder than I remembered it being.  At one point I looked at Adrian and said “It feels like I’m skating on wooden blocks!”

Fast forward to 9:30pm.  We’d been skating (me, quite courageously, I’ll add) for almost 2 hours by that time 2 and I had to take (yet another) a break.  I was leaning against the air conditioner vent (my new favorite skating rink place), when I crossed my legs and idly spun one of my wheels.

Which went about one-and-a-half rotations then stopped.

Gina: “Hey.  My wheel doesn’t spin”
Adrian:  (spins my wheel). “Wow, it doesn’t.”
Gina: “Try yours”
Adrian:  (spins his wheel.  Goes around and around and around and around it does)
Gina: (feeling like a bit of a dolt) “No wonder this was so hard!!!!”

So I went over to the skate shop, threw my leg up on the counter and asked them to fix it, please.3

They did, and I headed (with some trepidation — what if it *wasn’t* the wheel and I just *suck*?) back to the floor.  But hooray!!! Rollerskating *is* fun, after all!  Wheeeeee!

Now — who is up for a skating party?
(We’ll check all the wheels first!)

1 Note to self:  Orange Gatorade tastes like Tang and is pleasantly nostalgia-inducing.  The disco music and lights may have helped with that.
2 Minus, of course, the frequent “I-must-stop-and-rest-now” breaks.
3 Which they did by loosening the wheels (with the skates still on my foot, so I didn’t even have to relace!).

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Jan 14

comment stats

Who comments the most on this journal?

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Jan 10

Notes to self regarding sewing

One night last year I was doing some midnight-madness crafting, and apparently wrote myself a “lesson learned” note about sewing.  While searching for stashed Christmas presents recently, I found this note and so I’m including it here for my reference (and perhaps your amusement) — my updated comments/explanation are in itals.

To remember while sewing:

  1. Think about which direction you’re sewing in before you put the pins in (elsewise, as you’re sewing merrily along the little pinses will sneak up and pokify your fingers1)
  2. Figure out the size of the buckles you’re using *before* cutting the straps
  3. Line everything
  4. Don’t panic
  5. Use more pins — always
  6. Put all the the things (like straps) on before the final joining of lining to outside (yes, it’s the world of frustrating to turn your finished bag rightside out only to find you’ve neglected to add the straps in)
  7. Like riding a motorcycle, sew *ahead* of where you are (don’t watch the tips of your fingers — watch 5-6″ ahead of the foot)
  8. Stop with needle in down position (otherwise the fabric will sneak away when you turn your head)
  9. Leave lots of thread when you cut the thread at the end of a stitch line (otherwise, the thread will creep out of the needle and you’ll have to rethread)
  10. Making the iron hotter will *not* make things go faster
  11. Topstich everything
  12. If something has an inside and an outside, iron both pieces before proceeding
  13. STOP *before* the stupid starts (that one I’d do well to remember across the board)

1 Yes, I anthropomorphize a little…

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Jan 10

Adrian’s birthday, in pictures

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, I wonder how many a song is worth?  (aklikins, what do you think?)

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Jan 05

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday,

— hope it’s the best one ever!

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Jan 02

(only three holidays too late)

Herself, in her spider getup.  :-)

India the pomeranian in her Spider costume

India the pomeranian in her Spider costume

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