Jan 02

(only three holidays too late)

Herself, in her spider getup.  :-)

India the pomeranian in her Spider costume

India the pomeranian in her Spider costume

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  1. degroof

    Mybe you could pass it off as a Spaghetti Monster outfit, in which case, you’re only one holiday late.

    1. gina

      OOH! Now that’s an idea for next year!

  2. sarah_ovenall

    SO CUTE!!! So cute I laughed out loud with joy.

    (Though I feel compelled to point out that if you count her legs and the costume’s, the spider ends up having twelve legs total.)

    1. gina

      Sigh. The same thing bothered me. I almost modded the suit on account of it, AAMOF.

      Cute, if inaccurate, I suppose.

      How’s Thirteen? Been thinking about you with the stuff you’ve had going on with her recently…

  3. jhvilas

    Well, better late than OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!

    I’d say Cthulhu is always appropriate.

    1. gina

      ROTFLOL. Yes, Cthulhu is always a Good Thing. :-)

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