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Mar 25

Walking disaster

1) I don’t like a single cereal1.  That would be too simple.  No, I like a one-of-a-kind, limited-edition cereal mix: granola, Heart Healthy, Barbara’s little hexagonal things that remind me of wheat chex, some sort of pine-needle-bran-thing, etc.

2) I make the mix in a giant tupperthing.

3) My kitchen is a mess (all part of the massive house reorg happening at the moment) — boxes all over the place, things in sink that don’t belong in sink, etc.

4) The only place to make the cereal mix was with the tupperthing balanced on the side of the sink.

5) You see where this is going.

6) Yah Dyson!

1 Actually there are several cereals that can “stand alone” in my book; unfortunately they’re all “sugar bombs”:  Coco Puffs, Golden Grahams, Cap’t. Crunch, etc.   I just can’t get past the guilt that would be involved eating a bowl of straight sugar in the morning, hence the “healthy mix” (and a load of Splenda on top).  Yes, I know that the result is probably just as unhealthy as the oh-so-nummy-sugar-bomby-goodness would be, but the perception… (/guilt)

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Mar 13

Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Last summer my neighborhood had a salsa walk (it was probably June-ish, I imagine?).  In anticipation thereof, I bought a bag of tortilla chips from Target (Archer Farms brand), but since *everyone* had brought chips, mine mostly went uneaten (though I confess I did get lost trying to find the right street and busted the bag open as sustenance for the finding.  I have ZERO sense of direction.  Or maybe negative sense of direction, if that’s possible).

So, the chips went home again with me.  And they got brought out again a few says later when some of the folks on my street decided to congregate for hanging out and drinking wine (I *love* my neighborhood).  A couple more chips got consumed at that point, but mostly we had wine.  :-)

For the next month or two, every time I’d get that “want-salty-and-crispy” craving thing (which happens roughly once a week), I’d go and have a chip or three.  Strangely, the chips seemed unaffected by the passage of time in between the cravings, remaining crunchily delicious from one eating to the next.

Fast forward to September-ish when it dawns on me that I’ve now been noshing on the same bag of chips for three months.  At that point it seemed like the chips had some sort of “survivor gene” going on so I didn’t feel like I *should* chuck them.  Plus, honestly, they were still  really tasty.

It’s now March of the year after and I am somewhat sad to say that this afternoon I dumped the last of the chip crumbs into my mouth.  The chips are no more.

Goodbye, Mr. Chips.

(Yes, I do understand what an oddling I am that I would develop some strange respect/admiration for a bag of tortilla chips.  So much so, even, that I felt compelled to immortalize them on LiveJournal.  Sigh.)

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Mar 10

Say Hello to the LOVE bean:

aklikins gave me this for Christmas.  Upon unwrapping, it seemed just like a wee can covered in Japanese and Engrish; however, upon sprouting the following was revealed

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Mar 05


OLPCI keep forgetting to post about my little XO laptop 1 — so far he’s really fun to use, and now that

has reconfigured my wireless (to use some other security protocol, I think (?)) I can always connect from my living room. This means that (if nothing else), I now have a handy, small web browser in the living room, which is convenient. 2

I honestly haven’t done much of what the XO is supposed to be best at (the mesh network stuff), just because there hasn’t been a lot of opportunity. I did go to a XO session at FUDcon, but spent most of the time trying to get an update of the software load, so I didn’t get to play much.

has one, but, quite frankly, he’s usually sitting beside me on the couch when we’re using the XOs. so it hasn’t made much sense to focus on “connecting remotely.”

When I was in Vegas for the Nortel Sales Conference, I used the XO as a word processor to type my entries for the blog that I was co-authoring (had to transfer with SD card, as there was no open intranet connection, but it still worked fine). It was sorta nifty to carry Awlp around at the conference, since the Nortel sales people often recognized the XO (we’re a corporate sponsor of the project). Of course, before leaving for the sales conference, I had to make a fuzzy bag for Awlp, which I posted about over at the XO Forums (so far not a lot of response. Feh.) 2

1 I’ve named my XO “Awlp” 4 because I bought him in the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program, and OLPC is pronounced “Awlp” in my head.
2 The BIG TV is connected to the media server, which is connected to the home network, so technically, I’ve always been able to have the interwebs in the living room, but, honestly, it was sort of a pain in the rear to switch the source on the TV and find the wireless keyboard and remote, etc. etc.
3 Yes, the bag matches my outfit. Your point? ;-)
4 I named him, so I had to give him eyes! (Or maybe I had to give him eyes, so then he needed a name?)

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