Monthly Archive: May 2008

May 22

Protected: le sigh.

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May 20

That singing thing that I do

A cool article about the bluegrass jam group I sing with sometimes (and that aklikins now plays with): Follow-up: small world department and the marathon jam we do for charity every year.

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May 15

quick question for my online pals

Can anyone think of a free online game where bunches (say 1000) people can join at once, play for 10-15 minutes and at the end, clearly see who won?

I’m not a gamer and am idea-free on this one.  (I think something less shoot-em-up-y and more puzzle-frogger-tron-y would be good…)

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May 15

My favorite earworm at the moment

I’m not even sure whether to admit this or not, but I’m rather madly in love with this song at the moment…

( I’ll put it behind a cut since I’ve gone whole hog and embedded a YouTube video

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May 13

(No title)

This weekend[info]aklikins and I are heading to DC to do the first Washington Post Tropic Hunt, which is based on the annual Miami Herald Tropic Hunt (which I did — and throroughly enjoyed — back in 1994) .

The site explains the setup far better than I but suffice it to say that if thousands of people all trying to solve larger-than-life scavenger-hunt-puzzle-games sounds like fun, you’d probably love it.

If you’re already planning on going, let me know — I’d love to meet up!

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