May 15

quick question for my online pals

Can anyone think of a free online game where bunches (say 1000) people can join at once, play for 10-15 minutes and at the end, clearly see who won?

I’m not a gamer and am idea-free on this one.  (I think something less shoot-em-up-y and more puzzle-frogger-tron-y would be good…)

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  1. jklgoduke

    My boss says she can’t think of one right now, but for the right fee, she’d be willing to write one. :)

  2. jklgoduke

    Other coworkers list boggle, puzzle pirates, kakuro, …

    1. gina

      Thanks, that’s really helpful!!

  3. curvyart

    mayeb something at http://www.itsyourturn.com/?

    that’s free

    1. gina

      Oh, now I feel bad. That site was created by an acquaintance, Patrick. I should have remembered it!

  4. jhvilas

    I play like one thing online, and it’s so much not like what you want that I can only throw up my hands in despair. Oh, and suggest all that crap that’s on FacePlant Facebook.

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