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Jun 09

Powers of Thought

(sadly, not in any terribly useful way…)

The other night Adrian and I were watching the Barrett-Jackson car auction 1 and in the background of one of the long shots of the cars awaiting auction you could see an old blue Dodge Charger. I pointed it out to[info]aklikins , saying “Look –a Dukes of Hazard car”  2

The *very* *next* *shot* was of Bo Duke .  I swear.  He was out in the audience, signing autographs (he apparently had a replica General Lee on the block that night).

I manifested Bo Duke.

1 I like watching Barrett-Jackson. Much like watching dog shows, I find it calming and non-brain-draining. The commentators usually have nice speaking voices and they sprinkle sufficient trivia throughout each description that I’m not bored (“1984 was the year that Mustangs made the switch from a single fold down seat to a 50/50 split fold-down seat” or “The puli, which was bred for herding flocks on the plains of Hungary, has a naturally corded coat”).   Plus, you know, there’s the *shiny*.

2 I don’t know which is more scary — that I spotted a Charger in a pan over a parking lot full of cars or that I called it out as the General Lee-mobile (it wasn’t even the same color scheme).

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