Monthly Archive: July 2008

Jul 30

Local blogger meetup thing…

Is anyone else going to this: — it’s tonight (Wed.) at 7pm at Edge Offices (in Glenwood South area in downtown Raleigh).

& I are planning on being there…

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Jul 22

feeling oopy

I wanted cereal for breakfast more than I wanted to admit that the milk didn’t quite smell right.

This was a mistake.

(it was dated *tomorrow*, though).

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Jul 14

Friend is Missing — Nancy Coooper — any info needed

A friend, Nancy Cooper, who lives in Cary, NC, went jogging Saturday morning and did not return as expected.   Here’s a page with links to news stories and coverage… needless to say, we’re trying to get the word out every way we can:

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Jul 01

Deadly Sins for Southerners

[info]aklikins and I were discussing the Seven Deadly Sins and came up with six of them:  greed, gluttony, sloth, lust, envy and pride and then got stuck.

From a Southerer’s POV, I decided that the seventh deadly sin was probably  “ugliness.”   When Southerners say “ugly” in this context they don’t mean physical appearance, they mean “ugly” as unkind:  “She knew he was trying to sit down and pulled that chair out anyway — pure-t-ugly.”

But then I thought that perhaps the Last Deadly Sin for a Southerner is Tacky, as it can be used in wide variety of circumstances, for evils large and small.

Besides which, “ugly” implies maliciousness, while “tacky” might mean they just didn’t know any better, so it’s less ugly to say something’s tacky than to say it’s ugly.  ;-)

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