Jul 01

Deadly Sins for Southerners

[info]aklikins and I were discussing the Seven Deadly Sins and came up with six of them:  greed, gluttony, sloth, lust, envy and pride and then got stuck.

From a Southerer’s POV, I decided that the seventh deadly sin was probably  “ugliness.”   When Southerners say “ugly” in this context they don’t mean physical appearance, they mean “ugly” as unkind:  “She knew he was trying to sit down and pulled that chair out anyway — pure-t-ugly.”

But then I thought that perhaps the Last Deadly Sin for a Southerner is Tacky, as it can be used in wide variety of circumstances, for evils large and small.

Besides which, “ugly” implies maliciousness, while “tacky” might mean they just didn’t know any better, so it’s less ugly to say something’s tacky than to say it’s ugly.  ;-)

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  1. meep



    1. gina

      Re: fwiw

      See, I think wrath can be justified at times (of course, so can the rest of them, at times). Hm… are they supposed to be bad *always*?

      1. theevilhalf

        Re: fwiw

        well, wrath and anger are different. Wrath is an all-consuming anger that festers, the way I see it. It’s akin to envy, in a way. All of the deadly sins are mentally/emotionally corrosive, but wrath and envy seem to be especially mentally destructive.

        By the way, the words by themselves are just simplifications. Lust doesn’t mean simple sexual desire. Pride doesn’t refer to the pride of a job well done.

        1. theevilhalf

          Re: fwiw

          Dangit, it’s me meep. Stu must have logged me out.

        2. gina

          Re: fwiw

          That makes sense — wrath being evil anger gone bad like envy is admiration gone bad…

  2. the_commasplice

    Then I reckon the deadly sin would be ugly. I mean tackiness, bless her her heart, is forgivable, even pitied. There’s no excuse for being ugly.

    1. gina

      That’s kinda what I was thinking too, but Adrian brought up the fact that “tacky” is nicer than ugly, so maybe from a Southern standpoint, it could stand in as a Deadly Sin to give us a little wiggle room…

  3. jklgoduke

    That’s right, all deadly sins must be discussed by southerners with a “bless his/her heart” added.

    “She just can’t stay away from the dessert bar, bless her heart,” etc.

    1. gina

      That’s the annulling phrase — anything you say that’s bad, if followed by “bless his/her heart” doesn’t count as “ugly” points against *you* :-)

      1. hoboprincess

        or in the case of pink flamingos on the lawn, some things can just be “ugly” and “tacky”

        1. gina

          In that you are entirely and utterly correct! Miss y’all!

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