Jul 22

feeling oopy

I wanted cereal for breakfast more than I wanted to admit that the milk didn’t quite smell right.

This was a mistake.

(it was dated *tomorrow*, though).

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  1. ovrclokd

    oooh, i’ve made that same mistake. *sympathetic hug*

    fortunately, if you aren’t actively ejecting the irritant, it should go away by the next morning. based on my experience, though, you might want to stay off dairy entirely for the next few days…

    1. gina

      Am entirely un-oopy now.

      But *definitely* not in the mood for dairy! :-)

  2. darthsunshine

    Ugh. I’ve done that before. Thankfully I only got a little oopy. I hope you’re only a little oopy too, and that it goes away quickly.

    1. gina

      I have a cast iron stomach, mostly, so it was mostly unpleasant urpiness (that was prolly TMI). It seems to be over now, and a crumpet was settling for brekkies. :-)

  3. the_commasplice

    I know the driving need for cereal…and yes, you will push milk to fulfill that need. Glad you’re feeling better.

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