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Sep 25

a splendid birthday…

…is comprised of:

  • the guy at Starbucks saying “That’s not you!” upon seeing the picture on your credit card, and upon being told that it, in fact, was me, only *20* years ago (in college) saying “WOW. You look much better now!”. And giving me a free mocha.
  • a delicious lunch out with new work colleagues at Sandwich in Chapel Hill (a restaurant I’ve been meaning to try forever) — grilled cheese with shaved beef and prune preserves — yum!
  • a delivery to my office of my favorite flowers (gerber daisies and roses) that were sent by aklikins
  • bonus mid-afternoon birthday cookies from work folks
  • cards and presents (from dtnorman and Adrian’s parents and sister and my aunt and uncle) in the mail (one of the presents from my Dad was a tiny remote-controlled Mini Cooper… as it turns out, I don’t have a puppy after all, I have a cat!! You should have seen her trying to catch it and batting it around!)
  • dinner out with aklikins at Rue Cler — more yummy!
  • presents from aklikins — including a new laptop with a touchscreen that is *neato* (and I just want to play with it now!!). And a remote-controlled WALL*E (who falls over rather drunkenly a lot, which is funny) !! And lots of other really swell stuff!!



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Sep 11

Letter meme

from  editgirl

– Post a comment and I’ll randomly assign you a letter (A – Z in the English alphabet).
– Then you have to respond by listing ten things you LOVE that begin with that letter.

– Afterward, post this in your journal and give out some letters of your own.

I got “N” from editgirl, so, in no particular order:

  1. Night (I am a night owl, tho day’s fine too, I suppose)
  2. Nick Drake
  3. Nancy (a dear friend)
  4. Nowhere Man (The Beatles)
  5. Nectarines (very very ripe.  Discovered that they’re much better that way in France once upon a long time ago…didn’t even know they existed here because we eat them so hard and unripe by comparison)
  6. Napper Tandy’s (which is actually now Ri Ra, which is where I play trivia on Tuesdays — super cheating stretch of an answer there!)
  7. November (part of fall, which is my favorite season, though I like September more)
  8. Nummy Food (ok, this is much harder than I thought!)
  9. Nanny (my Granny’s best friend, who was like a third grandmother to me)
  10. Naps (oh. yes.)

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