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Oct 08

Good customer service (happy)

Perhaps a small thing, but I think really *good* customer service is so special that it’s worth mentioning.

The short version:  since [info]aklikins and I have moved in together, we’re now getting two copies of ReadyMade … since this seemed silly, I wrote them, hoping to combine (and thereby extend) our subscriptions, but thinking that the best I’d be able to manage was canceling one of them.  (It’s not like they made an error — we just moved in together!)

So I sent them this:

Due to our recently cohabitated status, we’d like to conjoin our
subscriptions, please and just have one magazine, but for a longer
period of time, if that’s possible.

and they very kindly replied with this:

We received your email about receiving duplicate copies.
We have combined your records so that you will receive only one copy.
Duplicate copies received have not been charged against your
subscription. Please allow six to eight weeks for this change to appear
on the address label. 


Win!  Easy peasy! And they’re “backcrediting” us for the issues before I got my mess together and wrote them!

Yah ReadyMade!  I think I’ll go make some Duct Tape Wallets….


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Oct 03


There’s nothing like having a migraine so painful that you’re willing to have a needle stuck in your thigh to make it stop to make you appreciate how much you *really* really enjoy it when your brain doesn’t hurt.

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Oct 02

Lloyd Cole tonight?

Anyone else going to the Lloyd Cole show tonight?  Can’t wait — it’s been since — goodness — 2002(?) in San Francisco since I’ve seen him!

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