Dec 01

Having done a good thing…

onceupon turned me on to the Livejournal community called holiday_wishes where people post wishes for things — big and small — that would make them happy.  Folks read those wishes and “if [they] see a wish [they] can grant, and it’s in [their] heart to do so, make someone’s wish come true.”

I recently cleaned out the spare bedroom (now aklikins office) and had collected a box of Winnie-the-Pooh things that I’d decided I was going to eBay, since I had plenty of Pooh stuff and was rather short on room.  While skimming the lists, I found four folks who wanted anything WTP-related, so rather than eBay my Pooh things, I packaged them up this morning and sent them off to four LJ users, who I hope will enjoy them greatly.


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  1. curvyart

    i bet you made the day of several people. awesome!

    1. gina

      And fun to boot — win win for sure!

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