Apr 17

I’m teaching a beginner class on sewing dog toys!

toys I’m teaching an introductory sewing class at TechShop: Sew Your Own Dog Toys!

It’s a 1.5 hour long class Tues. the 28th of April at 7pm.

Here’s as well as the URL for signing up, if you’re interested:

Sew Your Own Dog Toys: (1 hour 30 minutes

There’s no reason to be stuck with the expensive and not-always-attractive dog toys at MegaPetLand when you can make your own — in colors and styles that match your tastes — quickly, easily and inexpensively!

Join us for this workshop where we’ll make two basic fleece dog toys, one for tugging and one for chewing, and learn easy ways to customize the toys for your pet’s preferences! Is he tough on toys? Does she like crunchy or crinkly things? Is rope a favorite? What about playthings for little pups with little mouths?

While making these toys you’ll also be practicing the basics on the Janome sewing machines at TechShop (4022 Stirrup Creek Drive #315 in Durham, right where by Miami crosses Alexander) — this is a great class for a beginner sewer who wants a practical project to take home.
Cost: $45 + $5 materials cost (we’ll have a wide variety of fleece colors to choose from)

(See how much pups love the toys!! – that’s India swiping one from the photo shoot in the 1st shot!)

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