Apr 22

Laser cutter luuuuuurve

So, I’m in love with a laser cutter. I suspect it will be a deep and lasting relationship. Here’re the fruits of one of our first rendezvous…

Birdie ring.

Bunny ring.

I <3 the laser cutter.

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  1. aklikins

    laser beams of light and heat!

    1. gina

      Ok, now there’s a Peter Gabriel song in my head. ;-)

      Love you more, of course :-)

  2. susan_z

    Wow. So awesome!

    1. gina

      Thanks! Way fun too — have been thinking of almost nothing but making more :-)

  3. thebroomecloset

    Very cool. Laser cutter envy!

    1. gina

      The tech shop membership calls you — yes, it does. :-)

      1. thebroomecloset

        Yes, yes it does. Have been meaning to get over there. L. and I had talked about maybe getting memberships. (Had thought about it when there was some sort of special before opening, but it didn’t happen.) Would love to head over sometime when you and A. are there so I know peeps there.

        1. gina

          Will def. be there weekend after this one (out’o’town this one) and probably at least one night next week (hey wanna do that in combo with dinner?). Have a project I need to work on — would love some thoughts on it. :-)

        2. gina

          And, dude, check out the equipment list: http://techshopdurham.com/equipment

          slobberdy drooldrool

  4. karenbynight

    Cute!!! I love playing with acrylic.

    1. gina

      We took polarfleece too (having been inspired by your post), but didn’t get around to cutting it. More more more to come!!!

  5. crankyrogalsky

    i’m in love with the bunny!!

  6. biggerkrissy

    i love both!!! (but the bunny has stolen my heart)

  7. ursulav

    Oh, awesome!

    I’ll have to find a good silhouette…

  8. Anonymous

    laser cutter

    What a great toy. I might have to put a laser cutter on my wish list.

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