Sep 21

Anyone on Facebook?

Just curious — I post there more regularly (though I have reinstated cross-posting from Live Journal)

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  1. sylvia_wrath

    It seems that I am starting to do the same thing. Longer posts go on LJ with a link on FB.

  2. trillian42

    Yup. /Libbet

    1. gina

      you should friendify my there :-)

  3. egbert826

    Yep, I am.

    1. gina

      you, I know — missed you at the show sat (but did see Katrina!). Hope you feel better now!

  4. davien

    I do, but it seems like anything of real substance goes here due to the brevity of Facebook.

  5. meep

    I’m on facebook very sporadically.

    I’m on lj more often, but that’s for longer posts.

    I’m on twitter even more for all sorts of ephemera that I have no intention of recording.

    And I’m on the Actuarial Outpost most of all, but I’m guessing not many are interested in that.

    1. gina

      Meep, if I thought I had *any* hope of understanding it, I’d probably read it :-)

  6. jhvilas

    fb killed the LJ star.

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