What others say about working with Gina Likins

Things people have said about working with me:

[…] if you can only take away one single thing from this: Gina Likins can be accurately described as a “force multiplier.” She consistently brings up the level of performance in those that she works with. I cannot think of any endeavor of which she was a part that was not substantially improved by her presence, her input, her energy, her skills, her professionalism, her networks, and her knowledgebase.”

Eric Jones, Director, Knowledge Services & Information Technology, Ipas


Gina has the ability to explain technical concepts to non-technical people in a way that they understand and appreciate. She has often served as the “translator” between web architects/engineers and marketing/communications. She also understands the key concepts of PR & Communications which, along with her web expertise, helps her drive business communication strategy on the web.”

Kelly Porter, Principal Business Analyst, Web & Marketing, Red Hat


As a social media maven, she understands how people interact with technology and use it to engage one another on the web.”

Katrina Lee, Web Producer, Ipas

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