Social media consulting

Integrating social media into your communications efforts can seem daunting — even understanding what the options are can be overwhelming. You wrap your head around Facebook and Twitter and then along comes Google+ — what can you do?

Let me help.

I have a background in teaching (high school science!), communications, and more than 17 years experience helping organizations use online media to make their marketing more effective. I also understand that technology exists to support you and your business, not the other way around, so we’ll focus on what will make you more successful, not technology bells-and-whistles.

I offer four simple solutions that cover the whole range of social media engagement. From a simple “just give us an intro” session to having your own “out-of-house” consultant, I can work with your team to ensure that you are effectively integrating social media into your existing communications.

How I can help.

Intro to Social Media

Ever wish someone could come in and give you, your team, or even your whole department, an introduction to social media (like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) and what they mean for businesses? I can.

Strategy Creation

You know what social media is, and you’ve been thinking about dipping your toes in, but you’re not sure you’re ready to swim yet (or if you’re in the pool, but you feel like you’re treading water), I can help here too. I will


A funny name for a fun project. You know social media and you want to give it a whirl, but good social media isn’t random, it’s aligned with the rest of your marketing and has a discrete focus. So let’s see what we can do with one project in a short timeframe. I will:

Social Media Advisor

If you want to do social media, but would like to have an expert to call on for advice, consider hiring me as a Social Media Advisor (SMA). What can an SMA do for you?

Online strategy, social media — planning and executing web successes since 1994. View my resume to see highlights of my experience and career path or check out some of my work-related blog posts.

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