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Jan 29

Bluegrass Jam – open to public & free! (donation requested)

2009 Marathon Jam

What: Bluegrass jam concert in Chapel Hill
When: Sat., Jan. 31, from noon until (at least midnight)
Where: American Legion Post 6, 1714 Legion Road in Chapel Hill.
Why:: (1) It’ll be fun. (2) If you make a donation, it will help support The Fisher house (more information below). (3) I’ll be there (singing, even)… maybe that’s not a "Why" as much as a "Why not"… (4) aklikins will probably be playing :-) (5) Virginia Ward (*amazing* singer) should be there too! (6) David Hiscoe will be there!

On Saturday, January 31st, the RDU Session Players (the bluegrass jam band I sing with sometimes) will be hosting their 6th Annual Marathon Jam. As always, it will begin at noon and continue until at least midnight with some of the best music of the year. You will hear everything from Bruce (Springsteen) to Bluegrass being played by some of the best musicians in North Carolina. This year’s Jam will be held at American Legion Post 6, 1714 Legion Road in Chapel Hill.

In addition to the music, this is a covered dish event for the musicians (IOW, we’ll be bringing food… you can too, if you want.). As in past years we will be raising money for The Fisher House, a wonderful group that provides lodging for the families of US military who have been wounded and are back in the States receiving medical attention, by asking for donations for people playing in the event. Think of it like a walk-a-thon only we get paid per hour played instead of per mile walked! (Checks can be made out to the THE FT. BRAGG FISHER HOUSE — and yes, all donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!)

John Santa has pledged that in addition to playing at least 12 hours that he will donate $5.00 for each copy of his book, Bluegrass Is My Second Language, that is sold that day. The public is invited and admission is free. We do ask that people attending make a donation to the Fisher House at the door.

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Jan 22

Something for You! From Me!

Via susan_z (and ovrclokd and others):

The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me! My choice. For you.

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

  • I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!
  • What I create will be just for you.
  • It’ll be done this year.
  • You have no clue what it’s going to be
  • I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.

The catch? Oh, the catch is that you have to put this in your journal as well. We all can make stuff!

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Nov 06

Benefit concert at the ArtsCenter Dec. 6!

Help support women’s reproductive health and rights (while seeing a great concert) by attending the Rock for Reproductive Rights at the Carrboro ArtsCenter on Saturday, Dec. 6.

Ipas, a Chapel Hill-based non-profit organization that works for women’s reproductive rights and health issues around the world, will host the fifth annual Rock for Reproductive Rights benefit concert, featuring Caitlin Cary and the Savoy Doucet Cajun Band, featuring Michael Doucet, the Grammy award-winning lead singer and fiddler from Beausoleil, and Ann and Marc Savoy, both well-known musicians hailing from Louisiana .

You can support Ipas by sponsoring the concert with a tax deductible contribution. Concert sponsors who donate $50 or more will receive two complimentary tickets to the concert. Ipas appreciates your support. Click here to make a donation.

Tickets can be purchased by calling the ArtsCenter at (919)929-2787 or online at the ArtsCenter website .

(In the spirit of full disclosure, I work for Ipas… and also think this is going to be a great show for a great cause!  Time for change!)


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Aug 07

This weekend…

This Saturday, August 9th, Rod-O-Rama (

[info]aklikins‘s garage) will be hosting an open house and pig picking. It’s the Hot Rod Hoopla.

You should be there.

Noon to 6pm. Music by Killer Filler. Hot Rods.

Come check out the shop. Have a bite to eat. Listen to some music. Tell all your friends.

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Aug 07

Protected: And now for something completely different…

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Jul 01

Deadly Sins for Southerners

[info]aklikins and I were discussing the Seven Deadly Sins and came up with six of them:  greed, gluttony, sloth, lust, envy and pride and then got stuck.

From a Southerer’s POV, I decided that the seventh deadly sin was probably  “ugliness.”   When Southerners say “ugly” in this context they don’t mean physical appearance, they mean “ugly” as unkind:  “She knew he was trying to sit down and pulled that chair out anyway — pure-t-ugly.”

But then I thought that perhaps the Last Deadly Sin for a Southerner is Tacky, as it can be used in wide variety of circumstances, for evils large and small.

Besides which, “ugly” implies maliciousness, while “tacky” might mean they just didn’t know any better, so it’s less ugly to say something’s tacky than to say it’s ugly.  ;-)

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Apr 01

Calling all geeks

Ok, I’m at my wit’s end. I have spent the better part of several months now trying to figure out an install problem. I have a legit (Dad gave me for Christmas) copy of Photoshop and it won’t finish the install process. I’ve tried manually uninstalling (including touching the dreaded RegEdit), installing from the hard drive, installing as a new user, etc.

I think the problem is that Jeff upgraded a lot of my hardware over the holidays and something has gotten messed up in the system. I *think* I need to do a Repair Install (and I even have an OEM XP disc that I borrowed from a friend), but “Repair Install” isn’t an option on the disc. (Even if it were I think I’d be leery of trying it myself, ’cause I know my machine is oddly configured [something about the boot drive being different, maybe?] and I’d be afraid it wouldn’t work again.

Help. I am officially stuck (and, yes, it’s pissing me off). I’ll buy you dinner, take you to a movie, (heck, I’ll even COOK you dinner) if you can help me figure this out.


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Mar 15

Failing is not as bad when it’s not your fault  :-)

So, last night, in an attempt to lessen the quantity of “broken” I set about to disassemble a large-ish portion of my car interior in order to replace the failed iPod hookup.

First I removed the “downtubes” (plasticy pieces that cover the middle upright supports for the dash)  — far more complicated than it sounds *and* required use of “force it”! —  then removed the head unit.  Plugged in the wiring harness and tested it and …

no love.

Removed the fuse for the radio (in the process dropping the fuse into a deep dark hole… thank heavens for spares) in order to reset radio so it could “find” iPod…

still no love.

Called Tom at EAS (nice, nice guy — thoroughly recommend ordering from them!) and he had me take some pics of the back of the unit so he could check wiring.

He called me back just now — turns out that the cradle connector had changed (same number of pins, but different config) and that’s why the replacement module was working.  I had even suspected I didn’t have the same model as everyone else, as I’d ordered my original iPod hookup *right* after they started making them (again, with the woes of the Early Adopter) — yah me!

New cradle on way.  Head unit temporarily stuffed back into hole in dash.  Report to follow.

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Oct 03


When it comes to getting lost, there’s nothing more dangerous than one’s own home town.

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Jul 04


Normally (for the past three years at any rate), I’m not here for the Fourth of July. This year I am (and Jeff’s not :-( as I’m taking him to the airport shortly for the annual Europe trip).

I am at a loss as to how to occupy myself… what fun Forth of July things are there these days?

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Jun 12

Plea for music

In case anyone didn’t see the last post, I’m in dire need of these songs:

  • EltonJohn (esp. Don’t go breakin my heart… [with KiKi Di!!]) — I have some Elton John, but not that song
  • Leftover Salmon (Bend in the river).
  • Ac/Dc (you shook me all night long…)

to play at my brother’s wedding reception — anyone have them?


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Jun 07

Plea for help


My baby brother’s wedding is at the end of June and I’ve been asked to put together some CD’s (1) for playing when the band is on break. Having asked them what sorts of things they were looking for (quiet-backygroundy-won’t-compete-with-the-band // songs the band couldn’t/wouldn’t play (like, heaven forbid, the Macarena, though I didn’t put that idea in their head!) // dance stuff, etc.), Jo (Drew’s afianced) sent me a list of some songs they’d like to hear.

I have some of them, but I’m completely stuck on some others, namely:

  • EltonJohn (esp. Don’t go breakin my heart… [with KiKi Di!!]) — I have some Elton John, but not that song
  • Leftover Salmon (Bend in the river).
  • Ac/Dc (you shook me all night long…)

Plud, any bluegrass (“Old and in the Way” was mentioned)

Can anyone help me with any of these? If you could, I would be *most* appreciated! You Send It should work, I think…

(1) Yes, I asked if there was an AuxIn for iPoddy goodness. They don’t think they have one, so I’m going with safe rather than sorry and making actual CDs.

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May 22

My favorite sentence ever:


Thus firms have realized that connectivity needed to stretch beyonde-mails or so. ADERANT wants to address secure data exchange mechanismwithout connectivity botheration, which would support offline capture,online retrieval and synchronization of data.

How much do I love the word “botheration”?

My life is full of botheration!

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May 11


I heard Dan Wieden of Wieden+Kennedy speak the other night at the UNC J-School. Interesting talk about keeping things fresh and real and creative and whatnot (they do both Nike & Target ads, so they have quite a bit of credibility on those scores in my book), but the best part was when he played an ad for Honda that their UK office created.

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May 10


Entirely the fault of ferociousbcycad

If you comment…

1. I’ll respond with something random I like about you.
2. I’ll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I’ll name something we should do together.
4. I’ll say something that only makes sense to you and me (or just me).
5. I’ll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I’ll leave you a quote that is somehow appropriate to you.
7. I’ll ask you something that I’ve always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal so you can do the same for other people.

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